Episode 61: How to Get More Done in Less Time

Happy New Year! We’re excited to be kicking off 2019 on a high note by welcoming yet another fantastic guest on the show. This time around it’s Anitra Durand Allen. She walked away from a six-figure job in corporate America to refresh and reinvent herself, and step closer toward happiness. Now Anitra is a certified family coach, speaker, author, and the Creator & Chief Mom at The Mom On The Move, an online resource and community providing success tools for motivated moms with busy families. Anitra is married to her college sweetheart, Harold. They are raising their two daughters — a professional actress and an All-American sprinter — in Louisville, KY. We also sounded our Air Horn for actor Taraji P. Henson and the launching of her nonprofit, the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, aimed at combating the stigma around mental health in the African-American community. Listen in!

Episode 60: Representation Matters with Charnaie Gordon

Hey, hey! We’re back with a fresh, new episode. This week we’re chatting it up with Charnaie Gordon of Here Wee Read. Charnaie is a wife, mom of two, computer programmer by day, blogger/influencer by night, self-proclaimed lifelong learner, podcast junkie and Distinguished Toastmaster. Her blog, Here Wee Read, is where she is currently expressing her creativity and passion for reading, diverse literature, and literacy. Her children and her husband are her inspiration and her followers/supporters are her book-loving tribe. More than anything else, she cares about connecting people with great books they'll love. In her world books are an absolute necessity. Charnaie is passionate about instilling a love of reading, lifelong learning, and curiosity in her kids. She hopes to inspire others to do the same with their children. 

Episode 59: 'Stop Juggling and Get a Basket'

We’re back at it, this time with our friend Natasha C. Nicholes. Basically, the woman is no joke. Natasha is a serious maker. To be a serious maker, you need the ability to see things not as they are but as what they can be. Not only that, you need the skills to make that vision into reality. That is Natasha’s super power. She made a community garden out an abandoned lot on the Southside of Chicago called the We Sow We Grow Community Garden. Not only does Natasha grow food, she grows humans. She made four bold and brilliant children with her husband. She even homeschools. But when she was researching online to find families like hers, she didn’t find any voices of African Americans represented. So of course, she created her own space at Houseful of Nicholes. Find her on social at: Twitter - @NatashaNicholes; IG - @Natasha Nicholes; and FB - We Sow We Grow

We also sounded our Air Horn for the incomparable Michelle Obama (a.k.a. Our Forever FLOTUS) and the release of her bestselling memoir Becoming.

Episode 58: You Probably Need a Mom-cation

Welcome back! This week we got into the importance of carving out time for ourselves to recharge the batteries. Maybe that looks like a professional development conference that you attend every year or a quiet retreat you go to so you can center on your art/writing/business for two days or perhaps it’s getting together with some chill, like-minds and going for a hike every Saturday to hash things out. It’s all about recharging and taking a few clean breathes, free of guilt and stress. Amen! Tell us: How do you make time for YOU, the “me” before you became a mom? We also sound the Air Horn for all the women who became elected officials and made history in the 2018 midterm elections. Listen in!

Episode 57: We’re Here For You, WAHM Creatives!

Hey, hey! We’re back with another fresh episode. Circle up because this one’s important. We’ve decided to narrow the focus of our podcast to zero in on a particular type of woman: work-at-home-moms with creative, slightly unconventional careers. We’re talking about the entrepreneurs, the writers, the artists, the bloggers, the consultants, the freelancers, the business owners, the creatives. Those women who juggle making a living working for themselves with taking care of their homes, kids and partners while working from home offices, co-working spaces and Starbucks.

Episode 56: #MeToo Movement -- One Year Later

We’re back and fired up! We’re All A Twitter about the steady rise of white people calling the police on Black folks just living. These latest outrageous stories included everything from one man in St. Louis being physically blocked from entering his own building because white woman decided that he didn’t belong there to a white man in SoCal calling the police on a Black woman for daring to search her own car’s trunk. We’re also honoring activist and original Me Too founder Tarana Burke again. This week marked one full year since the #metoo movement’s second iteration went viral. We’re looking at how far we’ve come and how much more ground needs to be torched in order to set down a new and better path for survivors. Listen in!

Episode 55: Making Your Mental Health a Priority

Another hot + fresh Nsquared episode! We’re All a Twitter Insecure’s season 3 finale, and finding out what happened to Ghost Bae. We also get into another buzzed about topic right now: Kanye West. This leads us into the main topic this week: mental health and the importance of investing in meaningful self-care. For Black women, it’s almost a revolutionary act to put your mental health and wellness as priority one. Plus, we sound our Air Horn for Atlanta-based psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford and her resource Therapy For Black Girls, an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls. So, relax, relate, release, and listen in!

Episode 54: What About Your Friends?

It’s another Nsquared episode! This time we’re talking about friendships as an adult, specifically when you go through a major life change like moving or having a baby. Maintaining friendships as an adult is hard enough but sometimes big changes like a new baby can shatter them completely. We’re sharing our experiences and giving some tips on how to keep those friendships going strong even after that little bundle of joy joins the party.

Episode 53: The Highs & Lows of The Emmys

We’re back with another N+N episode! This time we’re all abuzz about the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards which aired earlier this week. On the real, this year’s Emmys were a bit of a snooze but there were still some fun moments — The Fonz! Betty White! Teddy Perkins! — and we dive into each of them. We also talk about some of the new, diverse shows slated for this Fall season.

We sound our Airhorn Salute for the one and only Regina King who won her third Emmy for her starring role on Netflix’s Seven Seconds.

Episode 52: It's Time to Get Free, Sis!

It’s an N-squared episode! And we’re All A Twitter about — #spoileralert! — Lawrence, walking back into our lives on HBO’s Insecure. We’re also buzzing about Lena Waithe’s powerful acceptance speech at the recent Black Girls Rock awards. She encouraged us all to “get free” and live out loud as your authentic self. This led us into our larger conversation about tennis great Serena Williams and the “angry, Black woman” trope too many of us have to deal with every damn day. And we sound our Air Horn Salute for Women’s U.S. Open champion Naomi Osaka. Get in to this!

Episode 51: Making Art and a Difference with A'Driane "addyeB" Nieves

This week we're chopping it up with A'Driane "addyeB" Nieves, a USAF veteran, self-taught artist, activist, and speaker with a heart for serving others and social good. She’s the founder of Addie Addye Studios, and gallery & boutique in Philadelphia that serves women artists of color. She's also a mental health advocate living with bipolar disorder, and runs an online mental health support group for women of color called Tessera Collective. She empowers women to transform brokenness in their lives into power and beauty, and amplifies the voices and experiences of those marked as Other in society through her written and visual work. She believes creating and viewing visual art that addresses themes such as racism, mental health, and recovering from trauma can serve as a catalyst for personal growth and social change. She lives in New Jersey with her robotics loving husband and three boys.

Episode 50: Looking For Everyday Eyecandy with LaShawn Wiltz

We welcome our friend and fave IG Influencer LaShawn Wiltz. LaShawn is the creator of Everyday Eyecandy where she blogs about motherhood, her life, her passion for capturing everyday moments through photography and trying to find her version of balance through it all. Based in Atlanta, you can find Lashawn on Instagram, capturing the beauty in life’s everyday moments, documenting her days as a working wife and mom with a half-finished coffee in one hand and her camera in the other. We also sound our Air Horn for pioneering NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, who celebrated her 100th birthday this week! 

Episode 49: Take Your Voice Off Mute with Amber L. Wright

We're excited to welcome our homegirl Amber L. Wright to the show this week! Amber is a communication coach, consultant, and owner of Words Well Said, LLC. Her superpower is helping women take their voice off mute and use it to change their lives. A popular speaker and award-winning educator, she is known for her hilarious, authentic, and inspiring approach to speaking and teaching. We're also sounding out Airhorn for Crazy Rich Asians, whose box office success is further proof that #RepresentationMatters, but it also brings in the big dollars. 

Episode 48: We Got This

Hey, hey! Not only are we back with a new N+N episode, but it's another episode that we recorded sitting right next to each other. We could get used to this! This week we're All A Twitter about the return of Insecure for its third season. And we're issuing a major spoiler alert because we dive deep into what's going on. We're also talking about Black women and the power of getting outdoors. We highlight a few women and organizations who are doing their part to help make the outdoors a more colorful, reflective place, including Nailah's Color Outside. Lastly, we sound our airhorn for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for her historic nomination and what it means for the future of the Democratic party.

Episode 47: Black Women a.k.a. Icons Living

We're back! So excited to kick-off Season 3. We dive into what everyone seems to be talking about (uh, basically, always)... Beyoncé. This time it was her takeover of the September issue of Vogue magazine, including handpicking 23-year-old photog Tyler Mitchell for the cover shoot: He is the first Black fashion photographer to shoot a Vogue cover in 126 years. Wow! (But also, wow. Shameful.) Plus, we sound the air horn for all the magazine September issues with strong, creative, powerful Black women on their covers. Hell, yes!