Ep. 35: Black Mamas Matter

Annnnnd we're back with another fresh episode for you! This week, we got serious and discussed the rising maternity mortality rate in the U.S. — particularly for Black women who are three to four times more likely to die in childbirth or shortly afterwards. We mentioned Serena Williams' complications post-childbirth as well as some of the organizations that are shedding more light on this public health issue, like the Black Mamas Matter Alliance. We're also All A Twitter about the new Aziz Ansari sexual misconduct allegations, and we're giving a special airhorn salute to Franchesca Ramsey. Check it out!

Ep. 34: Auld Lang Syne and All That Good Stuff

Happy, Happy New Year! We're back with the first episode of 2018 and we're sharing our strategies for setting -- and hopefully keeping -- our themes and intentions for the upcoming year. Neither  of us are resolution gals, but we do like to go through the process of picking a word that will define the new year.

We're also All A Twitter about the Golden Globes, the Times Up organization and that electrifying speech from Mama O. Have a listen!

Ep. 33: Hey, 2017, You All Right, Girl

It's the last HSP episode of 2017! No, we can't believe it either. We're celebrating some of the year's bright spots, like this heartwarming tale of two unlikely characters becoming true friends over the game Words With Friends. Also, we're sounding the Air Horn for TIME magazine's revolutionary pick for Person(s) of the Year. Have a listen! And we're wishing you and yours Merry, Happy, Joy!

Ep. 32: Spreading Christmas Cheer For All To Hear

It's time for another Nsquared episode! 'Tis the season for holiday cheer and this week we're talking all things Christmas -- from holiday traditions to gratitude, believing in Santa Claus to those pesky Elves on the Shelves. We cover it all.

Plus, we're All A Twitter about the latest sexual harassment allegations against Matt Lauer. And we're giving an air horn salute to the one and only Cardi B., who is having the best year ever.

Ep. 31: Chatting With 'Internet Unicorn' Christine Koh

We're amped to have Christine Koh as a guest on the show. This woman is doing it all and doing it well. She's a former music and brain neuroscientist turned Internet unicorn. Christine is the creative director at Women Online, founder/editor of Boston Mamas, co-host of the "Edit Your Life Show"  podcast, co-author of Minimalist Parenting, and designer/co-owner of Brave New World Designs. SEE? Rad, right? Plus, we get our fascinators ready for the Royal Wedding,  sound the Air Horn a second time for a writer and storyteller Lena Waithe. Listen in!

Ep. 30: Actor + Author Robinne Lee Is Bringing Sexy Back

We're hyped to have actor, producer, and author Robinne Lee join the conversation! She is best known for her film roles opposite Will Smith in “Hitch” and “Seven Pounds,” and Don Cheadle in “Hotel for Dogs.” She is currently starring opposite Mario Van Peebles in the supernatural series “Superstition” on the SyFy Channel. This summer, Robinne’s debut novel, THE IDEA OF YOU was published by St. Martin’s Press, to much acclaim. 

Later in the show we sounded the HSP Air Horn for Ibtihaj Muhammed and her fab, new, hijab-wearing Barbie doll! Listen in.

Ep. 29: No Sleepovers Allowed?

It's time for another fab episode! This time, it's just us and we're talking about the oddly controversial topic of kid sleepovers. Nicole recently wrote an article in Good Housekeeping outlining her stance on the subject but Nailah has a different point of view. Where do you land? Plus we're All A Twitter about the historic results from this week's elections. And we're shouting out Shalane Flanagan, the first woman to win the NYC Marathon in 40 years. All good stuff all around. Listen in!

Ep. 28: Gettin' Spooky With It

It's another Nsquared episode, and we're keeping it light this time around. Halloween. We get into some of our fave traditions, costumes and treats (step off, candy corn! Nobody's talking 'bout you.) Plus, we are All A Twitter about Amazon Key, the new service for Prime Members that allows couriers to have access to open your door to leave packages for you. And we sound the Air Horn Salute for our friend author Angela Flournoy, who is working on something fab for HBO! Have a listen. 

Ep. 27: Us Too — Calling An End to the Open Secret

We're back with another Nsquared episode! We tackle some of the tough things happening in the news this week, particularly the continued fall-out from the Harvey Weinstein revelations. We shine a light on the #MeToo campaign and talk more about the harassment, assault and abuse that women suffer through each and every day as well as some of the societal shifts we need to see to achieve real change. We also send a well deserved Air Horn Salute to the original founder of the #MeToo movement. Listen in!

Ep. 26: Author Regina Robertson on How Timing Can Break Your Heart

We're chatting it up with Regina R. Robertson, editor, writer, and author of He Never Came Home: Interviews, Stories, and Essays from Daughters on Life Without Their Fathers. She's the West Coast editor of Essence magazine and her byline has been featured in O, the Oprah Magazine, on TheRoot.com and the Associated Press newswire. We're also All A Twitter over the gross Harry Weinstein sexual harassment and assault case (yuck). And we sound the Air Horn Salute for actor Gabrielle Union for opening up about her painful experience with miscarriage. Listen in and join the convo!

Ep. 25: On Welcoming Rejection with Author Heidi W. Durrow

We're chatting with is Heidi W. Durrow, author of The Girl Who Fell From The Sky, winner of Barbara Kingsolver’s 2008 PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction and the NAACP’s 2011 Image Award for Outstanding Literary Debut. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Literary Review, Callaloo, Essence, and Newsday, and more. She's also the mastermind behind "The Mixed Experience Podcast" and founder of the  Mixed Remixed Festival, the largest nationwide gathering of multiracial people in the country. Tenacity is her super power. Join the convo!

Ep. 24: The Queen of Summer Reads: Taylor Jenkins Reid

We chatted diversity and representation in books, "unlikable" female protagonists and how to  make the perfect iced tea (naturally) with our guest Taylor Jenkins Reid. She is the author of the books The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, One True Loves, Maybe in Another Life, After I Do, and Forever, Interrupted. We also share our thoughts on the #TakeTheKnee protest and salute a woman in sports standing tall. 

Ep. 23: We're So Crown! - Talking with CRWN Mag's Lindsey Day

We're still cheering, "Do it for the culture!" after some of the big Emmy Award wins. Plus, we chatted hair, politics, Black woman, and a little bit of Tin Roof ice cream with our first guest of Season 2: Lindsey Day! She is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of CRWN Magazine, a print publication about natural hair and the women who wear it. And we sounded the Air Horn Salute for this talented woman who is speaking her truth and winning big. Hint: She can wear the hell outta a tux.  

Ep. 22: Back on the Scene (Crispy + Clean)

Season 2 is here and we're amped! We're talking a bit about what kept us busy through August, plus we get into what's coming up this season. We're chatting Insecure's finale, the new makeup line from our Bajan sistren Rihanna, Time magazine's "Firsts" cover series, and we're also sounded the Air Horn Salute for a charming, bright sports ace. Welcome, welcome! Join the conversation.