Ep. 11: Been Around the World

It's the first of our Mom 2.0 Summit series! We're talked with Heather Greenwood Davis, a Contributing Editor at National Geographic Traveler, award-winning freelance writer and columnist, and the voice behind GlobetrottingMama.com, an international family travel blog. The mom of two was also named Traveler of the Year in 2012 after a yearlong family trip around the world that hit 29 countries on six continents in 12 months. <----Whuuuut?! We just had to find out how she pulled this off. Listen in!

Ep. 10: Clean Up Your Act

Nsquared is here to help you clean house... like, literally. Talking 'bout spring cleaning, y'all! We have a few tips and tricks to help you declutter like a BOSS. Plus, we get into the heartbreak of "S-Town" (no spoilers!) and the heaviness of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why (listen to the tapes already, Clay!). And we salute a septuagenarian who is running things. Listen in!

Ep. 9: Books, Beauty + Betting on Yourself

We are thrilled to chat with writer and style insider, Tia Williams. For 15 years, Tia was a magazine beauty editor and created one of the first style blogs, the award-winning Shake Your Beauty. She’s the best-selling author of The Accidental Diva and the It Chicks series, and co-writer of Iman’s The Beauty of Color. Her latest novel, The Perfect Find, was an instant bestseller and won Best Fiction at the 2016 African American Literary Awards. We talked with Tia about her writing process, best beauty finds and how to literally write your own story. 

Ep. 8: The Highest of Thrives

She's an attorney, speaker, photographer, author, and leadership coach. And yet Karen Walrond still finds time to be the creative mind behind the award-winning website, Chookooloonks. We were honored to have our friend and Island Sistren chat with us about the beauty of different, why adventure is important to thriving in life, and why she will never get enough of British actor Martin Freeman. 

Ep. 7: Dolla Dolla Bill, Y'all

We're back at it again with another Nsquared episode. This time, we chop it up about how to know your worth and ask for what you want in your career. Plus, we give our take on the recent spate of brands behaving badly (we're lookin' at you, Pepsi + United Airlines), and send up an airhorn salute to a powerhouse woman who is working hard to amplify women's stories in a big way. Have a listen!

Ep. 6: Don't Touch My Hair

We're excited to talk with Patrice Grell Yursik, a.k.a. Afrobella! Patrice created her wildly popular blog Afrobella.com in 2006, featuring inspiring, in depth information about natural hair, skincare, makeup, travel, and lifestyle. Patrice is one of WWD's 50 Most Influential People in the Multicultural Market. Yep. The woman is major. (And you'll never guess who her fave celeb crush is. But we approve!) [Photo by Chuck Olu-Alabi]

Ep. 5: We Get It From Our Mama

We're celebrating motherhood and our own lovely mum on what was her 70th birthday celebration in Las Vegas. On this episode, we tackled some heavier topics such as postpartum depression, the weight of motherhood, and the need for more compassion and community for mothers across the board. Plus, on the lighter side, we have a special airhorn salute in store. Listen in!

Ep. 4: Read 'Em, Honey

We're excited to be talking with Glory Edim, the founder of Well-Read Black Girl (WRBG), a Brooklyn-based book club and online platform that celebrates the uniqueness of Black literature & sisterhood. Of course we talk books, but we also chat about how to tackle the lame "what do you do?" question at parties, and the power of community. Plus, why a mean plate of spaghetti is the way to Glory's heart.

[Photo by Jane Bruce]

Ep. 3: How Did You Get Here?

What do canned pineapples, blazers and Miami Vice have to do with each other? They're all big parts of Nicole + Nailah's individual transition stories. We're talking all things transitions in today's episode and examining the experiences and ideas that brought us to the point we are now. Plus, we chat a bit about the Oscars fiasco and our admiration for Teen Vogue.

Ep.1: The "Why" Episode

Welcome to our world! It's fun here. Trust. We laugh, we listen, we learn, and we chop it up. Both of us have always wanted a job where we just chat with people. Well, this be it! So, slide over, Mother Oprah because The Blades Sisters are here.