Nailah and Nicole Blades

We are the Blades Sisters

Let's start with a correction: We are merely two-thirds of the Blades Sisters. Our older sister Yvette lovingly rounds out the crew, but on this podcast, it's Nicole (right) and Nailah reppin' for the fam.

We are 12 years apart and live 3,000 miles apart, but still manage to talk everyday about a range of things from the deep and heartening to the head-tossed-back hilarious. We've also been talking (and talking) about how we might work together on something that opens up some of this ongoing conversation, that amplifies women being their full selves and sharing their colorful and compelling stories. Finally, we figured it out, and here we are! 

Nicole is a novelist, freelance journalist, and mother to an 8-year-old son. Her latest novel, HAVE YOU MET NORA?, will be published this fall. Nailah is marketing consultant and owner of boutique communications agency specializing in consumer lifestyle brands, and mom to a 2-year-old daughter.

Together we are out to turn up the volume on women’s stories and soak up all the lessons from these folks’ fascinating and fabulous lives. 

Read more about Nicole's books at her website.
Find out more about Nailah's work at Wiley & Co.


Nicole and Nailah Blades